Posted by: senorwx | January 10, 2014

San Pancho Weather – 2013

I’ve debated whether to write a narrative for last year or deliver a list for 2013. But personally, I’ve had it up to here with end-of year lists of top films, books, events, etc. A narrative isn’t required since you can easily read the end of month blogs I’ve posted here throughout the year.

There are, however, at least two notable events worth recalling about the weather on the Riviera Nayarit for 2013.

We started last year with an unique event: it rained all day long on January 1, 2013. An inch. And this year? We had light rain the first day of this year, but just a trace amount which followed a wet December.

Rain in December is unusual, and 2013 ended with an accumulation of three inches, matching December of 2009. No other December since 2008 has had measurable rainfall. Holiday visitors were a bit disappointed this year with the rain showers and chilly daytime temperatures in the low 70s.

The San Pancho weather station has been online now for almost seven years. And we set an all-time high temperature in 2013 on November 13th around 2:30 in the afternoon: 96.8 F (37 C). The previous high was 93 (34) in August of 2009.

The other impression about the year just ended was the feeling that summer wouldn’t end. September seems to normally be the end of the long hot summer in San Pancho. Last year, it seems the hot weather continued through October and even November without much relief. But weather memories turn out to be not very accurate. The average temperatures on record for those months looks like this:

      Sept  Oct  Nov

2013:  73.2 73.0 66.9
2012:  71.8 73.9 68.1

For those of you interested in more statistics, the entire San Pancho Weather Station database, by month, is posted here. It is updated daily.


Persons unknown decorated this leafless tree on Tercer Mundo.

I want to wish you much happiness in the New Year. Thanks for your comments and encouragement. It is fun to keep an eye on the weather here in San Pancho and it is a privilege to be a part of this special community.


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