Posted by: senorwx | March 2, 2014

San Pancho – Predictably Beautiful Weather

There’s one predictable thing about San Pancho when it comes to the weather. March and April bring clear skies, moderate temperatures day and night and not a drop of rain.

This is not a promise made lightly. Since the San Pancho Weather Station started operating six years ago, there has not been any measurable rainfall in the month of March. Better yet, no measurable rainfall in the month of April also! You may find some early morning condensation on your patio furniture or car (just enough to make the dust stick), but the chance of rain for the next two months is as near to zero as you can get.

February was its usual boring self. Daytime highs in the low 80s and early morning lows around 60. It’s still cool in the morning this month, but even those temperatures will moderate as the month goes along.

Since February is a dull weather month, I elected to use that fact to take the station offline and ship it back to its home in Hayward, CA where Davis Instruments is located. Shipping over the border isn’t always an easy affair, but the folks at Estafeta handled it professionally. It was much more economical (read: a lot cheaper) than either UPS or FedEx. The return trip for the station was without incident, not counting the 1500 peso customs charge (on refurbished equipment!) But it is what it is and the weather station is back up on the roof on Honduras.

I want to thank Frank Smith, Director of the Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C. for his kind remarks about our San Francisco weather station in his latest newsletter. He does such good and important work here in San Pancho. If you’re not familiar with “Turtle Frank” and his crew, check out his activities here. Better yet, you might consider volunteering.



  1. Glad you are back! I missed you every day and thanks for your wonderful service! Truely the best weather site I have seen!


    • Thanks Robert. But then, we’ve got the best weather I’ve ever seen!


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