Posted by: senorwx | August 4, 2014

Baking in the Summer Sun. July Hottest Ever.

Following the lead of June, July 2014 was the hottest July on record here in San Pancho.

Highest temperature: 94 F  (July 2009, the next hottest, wasn’t even close at 92.)

The average high temperature for the month: 84 F (Last July 2009 came in second at 82.8)

The maximum Heat Index for July 2014 left every other year since 2008 in the dust: 119 F. In 2013 and 2012 we reached 108 readings. Not even close.

Here on the Riviera Nayarit we are prepared to experience a lot of rain from June through September. June didn’t let us down: 11.84 inches, a record, considering the next rainiest June occurred in 2009 with only 7 inches.

July’s downfall was lack of rainfall. 4.05 inches. Less than any July in the San Pancho Weather Station database. A puny amount compared to the next lowest measurement of 7 inches in 2012.

Our July rain came in two installments. One at the beginning of the month and another on the 23rd, both of them less than two inches with a few minor events during the month to bring the total to 4 inches.

While the shortfall on downfall doesn’t mean we are heading into a draught, the unusually hot weather of the past two months doesn’t prove a case for global warming. But those two months have certainly varied significantly from the norm of recent years.

Just so you can play along during the month of August to find out how unusual it is, here’s what past records indicate. The August high temperature is expected to be around 92. Oh, that category has already been taken, we’ve already reached a high of 93.8 F in four days.

The August high Heat Index reading is expected to be 112. Oops again. We’ve already reached 119.6 F.

August precipitation in previous years has ranged from 7.6 inches to 12.34 inches (2011), so with a bit more than an inch in four days its difficult to make a prediction now. Though the late afternoon cloud formations seem to have gotten back to a more regular pattern which bodes for more rain.

If you enjoy getting into the “weeds” of statistics from the San Pancho Weather Station, just click on the San Pancho Stats link at the top of each page. And there are some nifty search options and graphs that the Weather Underground provides based on our data. Check it out here.

Thanks for your comments and input and remember to stop by the San Pancho Weather Station anytime from anywhere.


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