Posted by: senorwx | October 1, 2014

The Storm We Missed

Cabo San Lucas Destruction - AP Photo

Cabo San Lucas Destruction – AP Photo

The weather event of September is the one we missed: Odile. Brushing by San Pancho it slammed full force into Cabo San Lucas, La Paz and dozens of towns along the Baja California Peninsula. It brought death, destruction, looting and closed the airport which is still not open at this writing.

Hurricane Odile brought a few sprinkles as it passed San Francisco, Nayarit with wind gusts for about fifteen minutes, one reaching 24 mph, but that was it. On the other hand, the churning Pacific took it’s bite out of our beach in September and came ashore through the restaurant area and the Malecon.

A noteable rain storm pelted San Francisco on the evening of the 10th. Three inches of rain in three hours! Low lying areas in town and along Tercer Mundo were flooded. A lack of drainage on our Main Street and structures built at or below grade level provided easy access for the runoff to cause damage in some homes and businesses.

The most-asked question this summer was about our rainfall total for the year. We had about a half dozen major rain events, including several rain days near the end of September. With 34 inches for the year on record now, it is likely we will have a “normal” rainfall for 2014.

What’s normal? The yearly average for the past six years (not including 2014) is 43 inches. But, he hastens to add, the annual rainfall range is between 36 and 44 inches each year. A couple of more inches this month will bring us into that “normal” range. The average for the past 7 years is at 43 inches because of that infamous September, bridge-washing-out, 2010 when the yearly rainfall totaled 55.70 inches!

Our endlessly hot and extended summer temperatures finally moderated in San Pancho during the September. Above average temperatures started early in May and continued through July. Normally hot temperatures followed in August and September. For those of us in San Pancho during the summer those extra two months of hot weather in May and June were totally unnecessary. To boot, we registered a record high for all the Septembers on record with 93.9.

You’ll understand if we don’t talk about the heat index readings for this summer. In a word: high.

October promises to bring daily high temperatures around 80, two to four inches of rain, and early sightings of friends returning to San Pancho on the the beautiful a Riviera Nayarit.



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