Posted by: senorwx | November 1, 2014

October Observations from San Francisco, Nayarit, MX

October Heat: High temperature for the month was 92 F, right on target with previous October highs. The high Heat Index was 113 F, just slightly above average. Nevertheless, we have had the longest and most uncomfortable (heat index) summer that started this year in May instead of June. I think its over!

October Highlight: More than four inches of rain brought our annual total in line with the average rainfall for previous years, around 40 inches. Annual total through October 31: 38 inches.

2014 Hurricane Season: Tropical Storm Vance has formed hundreds of miles south-southwest of Acapulco. There’s a slight chance this storm might bring rain to San Pancho mid-week. Check the NOAA/Hurricane link on our home page for the latest.

Tropical Storm Vance as of November 1

Tropical Storm Vance as of November 1

The End: The official end of the hurricane season is November 30. It’s not that unusual to have tropical events in November. Recent examples:

2013: Nov 1 – 4  Tropical Storm Sonia. There were reports of heavy rain and flooding in Mazatlan and Culiacan.
2012: Oct 30 – Nov 3 Tropical Storm Rosa
2011: Nov 19 – 25 Hurricane Kenneth
2010: Sep 22 – 23 Tropical Storm Georgette

Of course September 2010 was San Pancho’s record-setting, bridge washing away rainiest month on record. But Georgette wasn’t involved. None of the above storms brought any significant weather events to our pueblo here on the Riviera Nayarit.

Some great storm maps: If you search the NOAA files, you’ll find fabulous maps of the Eastern Pacific hurricane tracks for every year. A great way to refresh your weather memory! The hurricane tracks for last year are below, shown in graphics for the first and second half of the season.

San Pancho Dresses Up: Just in time for All Saint’s Day, all of the planters along Tercer Mundo have been repainted. Love them or hate them, they look much better! And all the kids in town dressed up for trick or treating on Halloween night as adults began work on altars that will adorn the Plaza on Sunday, All Soul’s Day. It’s good to see the indigenous traditions continue alongside our imported customs!


Storm Tracks 2013 Eastern Pacific 1 - 9

Storm Tracks 2013 Eastern Pacific 1 – 9

Eastern Pacific Storm Tracks for 2013 - storms 10 - 18

Eastern Pacific Storm Tracks for 2013 – storms 10 – 18


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