Posted by: senorwx | June 30, 2015

June Was Hot in San Pancho. But Unusually Hot? Not.

This is the hottest June San Francisco, Nayarit, has on record! Not.

Where’s the rain? We usually get a lot of rain every June in San Pancho. Not.

Nope. Both statements above are not true. I’d agree with you if you’re just sayin’ it felt that way!

Let’s start with how hot it has been feeling here in our village by the Pacific. Compare the temperatures F. for this year/last year, 2015/2014:

High temp: 93.5 / 94.2

Low temp: 75.2 / 74.3

Average monthly temp: 83.2 / 83.4

So June 2015 is just about the same as June 2014. But here’s the difference: compared to every other June from 2008 to 2013, this year and last are the two warmest on record. That average monthly temperature, an average of all the hours of the entire month (not a temperature we ever actually experienced), but that average is usually around 70 degrees, not 74 or 75.

The same pattern holds true for the Heat Index (some call it the Humidex, a “feels like” reading much like the wind chill reading).

Here’s the comparison for last year/this year, 2015/2014 for the Heat Index:

High Heat Index: 114.9 / 114.0

Average monthly heat index: 91.4 / 92.3

The high heat index for every other June on record is around 102. And the average monthly heat index for years previous to 2014 is 84. There’s no doubt about it, this June in San Pancho was feeling very hot, very humid…more than any year except last year.

So if this year was the same as last for temperatures and the heat index, why don’t we remember things that way? The missing ingredient here is rain. Once you add that factor, you’ll realize why we don’t remember how how last June was. It was a very rainy June.

We here at the San Pancho Weather Station track how many days of measurable rainfall we have. The number of days with rain for all the June months on record since 2008 is 10. This June it was 7 days with at least a trace of rain. In 2014 it was 17. That’s second only to the 18 days of rain back in 2008.

Total rainfall this June was 4.85 inches, all in the early part of the month. In 2014, with 17 days of rain we had 11.84 inches of rain!

July promises a double-digit number of days with rain and a rainfall amount sure to exceed the five inches of June.

Distracted by the rain last year, we forgot the hot. Providing further proof of the old axiom that we can always find something to complain about when it comes to the weather. And that’s OK. Mother Nature doesn’t take it personally.



  1. Indeed!! Very hot and almost no rain ☔!! Hope it ll change soon 🔜….


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