Posted by: senorwx | July 29, 2015

Heat Index hits 117 in July

There’s no question its been hot (a lot) this month in San Pancho here on the beautiful Riviera Nayarit. But thank goodness for the Pacific and the backyard pool. Not to mention air conditioning.

July 25th we reached 117 degrees F, the second highest reading on record at the San Pancho Weather Station. It reached 116.5 the next day. The all-time highest heat index mark is 119.6 F reached last…you guessed it…July.

To put this mucho calor in proper perspective, the Heat Index has been higher than 100 F every day this month so far, except one. On July 20 it dipped way down to 98.9 F. To those unfamiliar with the heat index, here’s the story from the “Definitions” page of the San Pancho site:

The Heat Index is an apparent temperature reading which uses temperature and the relative humidity to determine how hot the air actually feels. When humidity is low, the apparent temperature will be lower than the air temperature, since perspiration evaporates rapidly to cool the body. However, when humidity is high (i.e., the air is more saturated with water vapor) the apparent temperature feels higher than the actual air temperature, because perspiration evaporates more slowly.

Think of the Heat Index as the counterpart of the Wind Chill index which us Northerners know all too well. It’s a combination of the actual air temperature combined with the speed of the wind that is blowing across your skin, which makes it feel much colder.

As of the 28th we are below the average July rainfall of 8 inches with only 5 inches on record. Last year we only had 4 inches in July, so this would make two July’s in a row with minimal rainfall. Conclusions to be drawn? I leave that to you.

While we expats try to deal with the heat by drinking a lot of water, reading, eating, chatting, venturing to the beach,etc., one really has to admire the Mexicans and their work ethic. The building, fixing, painting, cleaning projects go on daily as though the temperatures were 20 degrees cooler. With temperatures in this range the old “you get used to it” conventional wisdom just doesn’t cut it. The workers here are dedicated and have incredible stamina.



  1. Curt, love reading your blog. California is desperate for rain…..and cooler temps as well. It’s been really hot and the marine layer is making the humidity rather high each day….I could have stayed in PV for weather like this! I’ve got a rather large construction project going on and the laborers don’t seem to notice…..I am encouraging them with lots of iced water, Coke, V8 and sodas. See you in November.


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