Posted by: senorwx | September 1, 2015

Was August really that hot and humid?

Yes. It was hot, humid, rainy. Big time. Muggy. Oppressive. Pick your favorite word.

August 2015 goes down in the record books!

Highest temperature ever recorded at the San Pancho Weather Station: 94.8 F.

All time highest average Heat Index for any month on record: 94.1 F. (Last July’s average, the previous high average, was only 92.9 F.)

Second highest Heat Index reading on record: 117.1 F. (Previous high was July last year at 119.6 F.)

The Malecon at San Pancho,Nayarit,Mexico

The Malecon at San Pancho,Nayarit,Mexico

A handful of rain events netted nearly 12 inches of rain for the month, an average amount. That doesn’t equal the 14 inches in August of 2010, which was followed by the 28 inches of rain in September 2010, the all-time rainfall record. As in our San Pancho bridge washing away.

The heavy August rain storms finally caused the river to break through to the Pacific. What to expect for September? There will be significant rain as the annual rainfall for this year stands at 30 inches. The average yearly amount is about 40 inches, possibly more.

Relief in sight? Sure, as average high temperatures for September and October moderate to the low 80’s, it will cause  flocks of snowbirds to return to our sunny spot on the Riviera Nayarit. Look ahead. Our fabulous weather and gorgeous days are just a few weeks around the corner.

Easy for me to say.


The south beach at San Pancho where the rio meets the Pacific.


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