Posted by: senorwx | November 30, 2015

The Long Hot Summer

Rainfall for the month was 1.62 inches. That’s unusual. Historically the month registers only a trace of rain, except for the record of 4.53 inches last November.

The November rain this year was thanks to Hurricane Sandra. Patricia potentially posed the biggest threat to San Pancho of the season, but made landfall well south of us. There were 22 hurricanes and tropical storms this year in the Eastern Pacific. That compares to 21 last year and 18 in 2013.

The highest temperature for November came on the penultimate day, 89.3 F degrees. The highest heat index reading came mid-month on the 15th, 108.3 F.

La Manzanilla12/05 - 21

Now the part that gets interesting when talking about the endless summer this year. The daily average temperature in November was 80 F degrees. (Not the highest or lowest temperature, just the average of all temperatures recorded during the month.) Again, this November’s average was 80. That compares to a daily average temperature of 77 for November for the years 2008 – 2015. So this November was warmer than most, with the exception of 2012 when the average daily temperature was 82.

The run of warm weather started early this year in April when the average daily temperature reached 77. That’s two or more degrees above the average in April for any year since 2009, the first year of complete annual records for the San Pancho Weather Station. Last year and this year hold the record for warm weather highs, this year with the added bonus of an unusually warm April.

From April through November, the daily average temperature was equal to or higher than any previous year on record. So was it was warmer and warmer longer in San Pancho this year? A resounding yes! Have we just experienced two consecutive years of warmer than normal temperatures?Yes.

If the next question is why, then there are several options for your consideration. Some will point to the effects of El Nino. Others to climate change or global warming. Some will claim its only a temporary deviation from the norm. Fair warning: this is a conversation that can quickly go downhill.

I leave that discussion to you and your amigos as you enjoy a cool one at sunset on the beach here in San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico.


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