Posted by: senorwx | January 1, 2016

A Record Breaking Month and Year

In the world of NFL football, I enjoy it when Tom Brady breaks records. When it comes to the weather, breaking old records is a mixed bag, especially when it comes to rain and hot weather. Let’s take a look at December 2015 and the full year to inspect a few new records.

Rain amounts grab our attention the most, so let’s start there. December rain totaled 3.62 inches, an all time record for the San Pancho Weather Station database (2008 thru today is the basis for any ‘all-time’ reference). The record broken? In 2009 we had 3.09 inches, well above the average of about an inch for all Decembers.

Total rain for 2015 was 48.87 inches, second only to the all-time record  of 2010 which was 55.70, well above the average of for all the years on file.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so to spare you the reading time, here’s the annual rainfall history in San Pancho.



The other weather observation that caught our collective attention last month and last year was the intensity and length of the hot weather. And for good reason. December was the warmest December on record: 88.4 F, besting 2013 when it was 87.8 F.

The average high temperature for the entire year was 90.45 F., a new record and a full degree warmer than 2014’s average high.

December low temperature: 62.6 F., not even close to the December 2010 low record when it was 57.0 F. That’s right in line with those warm temperatures for the whole year. The overnight low temperature average for 2015 was: 67.32 F, compared to the 62.48 F low average of 2009.

When it comes to comfort the heat index is the best indicator we have, it being a combination of temperature and humidity. The average of the high heat index for 2015 was a record 83.93 F. That beat the average high of 82.49 F. of 2014.

The December high heat index was 99.9 F. another record, besting the previous record of 96.3 F. in December 2013.

Most remarkable though is the annual high heat index average for the entire year. In other words, take the high heat index for every day last year, divide that number by the days in the year and the result is 105.84 F., a new record and higher than last year’s 103.23 F. So now I give you another New Year’s gift graphic to put this number in perspective, along with my best wishes for and healthy and joy-full 2016!






  1. How doead El Niño affect San Pancho? It makes our Winnipeg winter far more bearable


    • Simply put, it certainly seemed to warm things up in 2015. We’ll see if the warm temperatures persist!


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